3 Steps to Success

Coaching for Success

The standard measurement of greatness can be elusive. Is it when your signature becomes an autograph? Or when your voice, brand, face or product is immediately recognisable by strangers? True greatness should never be measured against a benchmark set by others nor by the sound of applause offered by strangers. The sole criteria should be […]

Be Your Own Super-Hero

Write Your Life Story

Organize your work like it’s play. Gamify your life. See the friends and colleagues at work as other characters and actors in the movie, but you are the main protagonist. That way you’re constantly thinking of how to do more and be more. Work disguised as work alone, makes the average person figure a way […]

Marketing Lessons from a Bus Conductor

Find your Voice

My friend Obioha made this observation as he passed a motor park, and the bus conductors were shouting their different destinations to anyone that was passing. Here is the deal: ☆ They talk to over a 100 people just to fill a 14 seater bus! How many people have you spoken to today? ☆ They […]

Positive Psychology Rant

on why words matter

How dare you talk to yourself the way you sometimes tend to do? How dare you do you that? Going around trash-talking yourself and downplaying on your talents and skills? If a friend said the same hurtful words you sometimes hurl at yourself, how long will you remain friends? You quickly forget your past achievements […]

Dare to Live

People like their dishes cooked a certain way, they’ll read only certain types of books or blogs & also have a preference for specific types of movies or mini-series. They also like some actors acting a specific role, e.g. Patience Ozokwor the wicked mother-inlaw. Or Jason Statham the plain-dressed hero with great driving and fighting […]

The Right Time to Sack Yourself

In the beginning when you started your business, the first few months you tried so hard to please your customers and attract new referrals through word of mouth marketing. You went the extra-mile for each job and provided extraordinary service.   After a long while, your business has become quite successful, cash-flow is now predictable, […]

Not Everyone Needs to be Popular

Not everyone wants to be the Pope. Too much pressure and expectations. Not everyone wants to be Dangote. Too much hardwork. Being rich is popular these days. Being popular is also popular. Hence reality T.V stations, BigBrother, Facebook Live, Twitter fake followers and Wechat. Once upon a time being poor was also popular amongst Communists […]

on Boiling Kettles and Melting Candles


Have you ever watched a kettle boil? Or patiently sat still and watched a lit candle melt in its stand? This simple task forces you to focus, quieten the mind and be patient. Now it may seem to take ages but eventually it does happen- the kettle boils over and the candle melts down into […]

and Men Became Gods

I’ve spent the past 5 days educating, enlightening and entertaining 28 top executive managers of NNPC on Advanced Business Strategy, Customer Service Excellence & Emotional Intelligence. I’m grateful for the experience, contacts, referrals and new spin-off ventures. It was intense and fun for the most part. Just 5 years ago, many of my associates would […]