Dare to Live

People like their dishes cooked a certain way, they’ll read only certain types of books or blogs & also have a preference for specific types of movies or mini-series. They also like some actors acting a specific role, e.g. Patience Ozokwor the wicked mother-inlaw. Or Jason Statham the plain-dressed hero with great driving and fighting […]

The Right Time to Sack Yourself

In the beginning when you started your business, the first few months you tried so hard to please your customers and attract new referrals through word of mouth marketing. You went the extra-mile for each job and provided extraordinary service.   After a long while, your business has become quite successful, cash-flow is now predictable, […]

Not Everyone Needs to be Popular

Not everyone wants to be the Pope. Too much pressure and expectations. Not everyone wants to be Dangote. Too much hardwork. Being rich is popular these days. Being popular is also popular. Hence reality T.V stations, BigBrother, Facebook Live, Twitter fake followers and Wechat. Once upon a time being poor was also popular amongst Communists […]

on Boiling Kettles and Melting Candles


Have you ever watched a kettle boil? Or patiently sat still and watched a lit candle melt in its stand? This simple task forces you to focus, quieten the mind and be patient. Now it may seem to take ages but eventually it does happen- the kettle boils over and the candle melts down into […]

and Men Became Gods

I’ve spent the past 5 days educating, enlightening and entertaining 28 top executive managers of NNPC on Advanced Business Strategy, Customer Service Excellence & Emotional Intelligence. I’m grateful for the experience, contacts, referrals and new spin-off ventures. It was intense and fun for the most part. Just 5 years ago, many of my associates would […]

Walk Away

In 2017 ‘Walk Away” from arguments that lead you nowhere but anger. ‘Walk Away’ from people who deliberately put you down. ‘Walk Away’ from any thought that reduces your worth. ‘Walk away’ from any irrational doubts and fears that stifle your dreams. The more you walk away from things that poison your soul,  the happier […]

Find an Excuse to be Successful

Too many times, the would-be failures will find an EXCUSE to fail e.g. I’m too fat or  I’m too ugly or I didn’t graduate from University or I’ve got no money or I don’t have any contacts etc.   On the flip side, successful people however, will find a REASON to be successful despite facing […]

New Year Resolutions: To Do Or Not To Do

Its almost tempting to make no resolutions and goal setting for the New Year for fear of letting ourselves down halfway. We’ve played this game before.   But to be all we can be we must continually dream of being more. To do all that is possible, we must consistently seek self-improvement that comes with […]

Are You a Gold-mine or a Gold-digger?

#GoldMine or #GoldDigger?   What use is gold buried underground?   What good is talent if it is not put to use?   Some people are like untapped goldmines. They are full of uncovered resources which they don’t know how to make use of. And if they do, they often lack the resourcefulness to fully […]