What Do You Call Yourself?

At the NNPC petrol station a few weeks ago, I was accosted by a pretty lady who did her best to convince me to buy her unbranded bottles of “pure, unadulterated juice”, at least it what she claimed them to be. I had a hard time believing her though because the bottles had no name, […]

How to become a Better Marketer: Understand the Six Human Needs

Most  people  hate  to  be  wrong.  They  hate  to  make  a  statement and be proven wrong days later, take a guess and find its incorrect,  make a decision and  then  be  proved wrong or perhaps even take the blame, make a request for a raise and be turned down. They  donʼt  like  to  buy  the  […]

Are You Good Enough?

Why me isn’t enough? I will tell you why. For I can’t accept myself as I already am and I need others to feel complete. I need others to tell me how great of a person I am in order to feel good and like my status updates on Facebook. I need a partner to […]

on Multiple Streams of Income

I still recall some talented kids in secondary school (not going to mention names)— some could sing to rival the legendary Celine Dion, some would rap to any beat, others played the piano, were super-smart and on the honours-list each year. Everyone imagined they would be super-stars today. When you reconnect with them on Facebook […]

Being Yourself by Napoleon Hill

  I am going to set down forty-three items which pertain to being yourself. Few people will recognize themselves completely in this list, but if you will take a pencil and check each item that you sincerely believe applies to you, it will be most revealing. 1. The man who consistently is himself maintains his […]

Do Your Clients Like You and Trust You?

Trust is the first currency in business. Trust is the only thing a brand ever has. You can survive for a while on being the cheapest on the block like a 99p burged from MacDonalds. You can survive for a while on being the newest in town like Tantalizers once was or having the latest […]

20 Places to Get Money to Finance Your Startup

Most entrepreneurs dream up great dreams but are usually stumped on how to finance their ideas. Not anymore! After reading this article, the excuse of not having money should be a thing of the paSt.  This article first appeared on www.startuptipsdaily.com and I’m reproducing it here for the 2000+ readers of this blog. I sincerely […]

Are You a Learner?

  For some weird reason, most people don’t like to be referred to as learners. They don’t like to admit that they only just finished driving school last month, and certainly don’t want to drive to the office with a BIG red L sign stuck at the bumper of their car. Yet everybody knows that: […]